Welcome to French Press Bookworks.

We want to thank you for being on a fun ride with us over the last four years.

We started as an innovative publisher that allowed authors to sign contracts based on how much editing, interior design, cover design, and marketing assistance they wanted. Our goal was to be a bridge between self-publishing and traditional publishing. We would give the foundation that authors often lose due to stereotypes surrounding self-publishing.

We thought this would be great. Authors got higher royalties (up to 85%) if we had to do less work, and they remained 100% in control of every step of their production and post-publishing process. If they originally didn’t want marketing, they could come back around and order a la carte services or contract our marketing executive on royalty share. If they had already paid for professional editing and were confident in their manuscript, we would publish it as they wanted. We would use their covers, allow them to format their own books if they passed industry vetting, etc…

It was a risky move – one we thought authors would love from the time they made their choices, to signing their contracts, to being published exactly as they wanted with all of the control they wanted.

After some successful and some not-so successful books, we decided this new type of publishing that straddled the lines between self-publishing and traditional publishing was not the right plan for us. We decided to stop publishing and consolidated our strong author partnerships and success stories with our then parent company.

We broke free with the mission to fill another void. We wanted to become an Etsy style marketplace for authors – a place where self-published authors could come and find a variety of highly-vetted professionals to provide all of their needs under one roof.

Many people felt we were trying to be an undercover vanity press even though we no longer offered any form of publishing on our platform. We didn’t provide any services – small business owners who specialize in graphic design, editing, marketing, or book formatting provided their niché speciality in their own private store on our website.

But, where we were excelling was in our training courses. Authors were flocking to Bookworks University to learn how to run their business, build their platform, and brand themselves in the modern publishing world. In our discussions and social media chats, one theme kept recurring:

Modern publishing has taken the happy out of writing.

We agreed – we’ve been on that side ourselves trying to create something new and break the tradition. The more we heard that the happy was out of writing, the more we wanted to put the happy back into writing.

With the French Press Bookworks Marketplace floundering, we made a tough call. It was time to say good-bye to French Press Bookworks in its entirety – including Bookworks University.

And, it’s time for a fresh start.

We are focusing on what we do best: online courses for the independent author who wants to be happy with their writing, control their business, build their platform, and be a strong and recognizable brand.

#HappyWriting has now officially launched on Facebook as a writing group that focuses on the business end of authorship and our first courses will  launch on June 1, 2017 at http://www.happywriting.co.

To stay in touch, meet us on Facebook, or on Twitter (@happywriting1).